New pics posted today

Well Steve posted the new pictures today. The sweater and hat Zoe is wearing while laying on her quilt is the same ones her Mommy wore home from the hospital after she was born. She had her first trip to Ikea today. She did not sleep well last night in her room. We are hoping for better tonight. We were quite excited with the two nights in a row of 5 hours of sleep. No such luck last night it was about 1 hour or 1 & 1/2 hours between waking. We think it is because she gets gassy and gets fussy trying to get it out then wakes and wants to eat. Mommy is hoping she will take to the bottle soon then her Daddy can feed her at night once in awhile. Right now Zoe and Daddy are playing together and she is smiling up a storm at him.

One thought on “New pics posted today

  1. Hi Chris,,,hope the shower went well…Zoe is adorable…which pic are you talking about where she is wearing the sweater/hat set you wore home??

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