April 17/05

Well Zoe is now just over 6 weeks old. She sleeps well when we let her sleep with us. We usally let her a couple nights a week just so I can get some rest. She likes to watch her Winne the Pooh mobile in her crib. She smiles a lot and I am going to get Steve to post a couple pictures of her. Her favourite toy right now is a little frog that Kim got her. You can see it in the pictures of her smiling. She is getting bigger and heavier every day. Soon I won’t be able to pick her up and carry her in her car seat. We try to take her out so she can see new things and on nice days we go for a walk around the neighbourhood. We have met a couple more of our neighbours. Spaz seems to like her and sniffs her head. He even licked her head one day. We stopped him but Zoe didn’t seem to mind she seems to like the kitty.

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