Zoe's new tricks

Zoe can now hold small toys. She even managed to get a small stuffed animal to her mouth and was chewing on it yesterday. She has been sucking her fists for about a week. She still hasn’t managed to get her thumb out so she just sucks her fist. Her hands are often covered in drool. Her sleeping at night is getting better she sleeps for 5 or 6 hours more frequently. If her arms get loose from her blanket she wakes up because she hits herself or scratches herself.

She had her first babysitters on Sunday. Her Grandma and Grandpa Macbeth watched her for about an hour while Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner. Just as they finished dinner they got a call that she was crying and they should come home. When they arrived home she had fallen asleep. Grandma and Grandpa decided she needs to be a bit older before they are ready to babysit again.

Look for new pictures to be posted sometime this weekend. She is changing everyday and we have lots of new pictures.

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