Just a quick post

Well Zoe seems to be getting better with her hands everyday. She can now easily grab objects and put them up to her mouth. She shows clear signs when she is tired. Rubbing her eyes and pulling her ears and hair. She is awake for longer periods during the day now and usually only has two or sometimes 3 naps. They last about an hour or sometimes two if she is really tired. She is getting bigger and heavier everyday too. Almost none of her 0-3months clothes fit her now and she has moved into her 3-6 months. Hard to beleive that she is almost 3 months old now. In weeks she is 12 but she will offically be 3 months on June 5th. I am sure we will continue to take excessive amounts of photos and post them. We are going to try to make it up to Canada soon we are just waiting on Zoe’s birth certificate. There was a spelling error and we had to send it back to be corrected. She really wants to meet her GG Babs and Grampy and Grandma Pat. She also wants to meet Uncle Norbert and cousins Kayia and Aiden. So hopefully that paper comes soon.

Zoe got Daddy

Well yesterday was the first time Zoe pooped on someone and it was Daddy. She got him the yoga ball floor and couch. Mommy got a really good laugh.

Zoe can now grasp objects and puts them up to her mouth. She regularly sleeps for 6-7 hours at night which is great. Today she has been up almost the whole day since 11am which is quite a long time for her to go without a nap. She has only had about 1 hour total of naps. She just went down now and we are hoping she will sleep for at least an hour or so. She gets a little cranky when she is overtired.

2 month check up

Zoe went for her 2 month check up today. She got 5 shots (different immunizations) I waited outside the room while Steve stayed in and held her. She did not care for them. She now has three marks on one thigh and two on the other from the needles. It took us about 20 minutes to calm her down. She fell asleep in the car on the ride home but woke up as soon as we got home. She weighed 11lbs 10ozs and was 24 inches long. She is in the 95th percentile for height and the 75th for weight. She is healthy and doing well. She is quite sleepy tonight because she was quite fussy not loud but not wanting to sleep after the shots and didn’t get much sleep today. I am hoping she will sleep through the night tonight.

Honeymoon pics

Ok so I know we were married in 1999. But we didn’t have this site then. So I am going to get Steve to post some pictures from our honeymoon so everyone can see them. We hope to one day take Zoe to Scotland so she can see all the places we fell in love with. My two favourites were Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness and Oban a great little place right on the water were we stayed near the end of our honeymoon. I think Steve really liked Roslynn Chapel we didn’t find out if the Grail is really there but it is neat to see the carvings and other things the books including the DaVinci Code talk about up close and personal. They were fixing the exterior when we were there. We also visited Cawdor Castle which is famously linked to Macbeth because of Shakspere even though Macbeth was long gone before it was built and we went to the Scone Palace where the Stone of Destiny was and kings were crowned. Macbeth would of been crowned there. Steve sat on the replica of the stone. The real one is said to be the one housed in Edinburgh Castle with the honours of Scotland a sword and some jewels. We couldn’t take any pictures. Steve did take a picture of the murial on the wall inside the Castle of Macbeth even though there was a sign that said no photos allowed. We also went to the Macbeth Experience just outside of Perth. It is a little film about the real Macbeth and the Shakesperian version. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of castles and sites of battles. We even went to Culloden and saw the battlefield were our tour was conducted by a Scottish fellow with long red hair and a kilt. Well I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click here for the Honeymoon photo album.

Happy Mothers Day

Well I awoke on my first Mothers Day to discover Steve had gone to play poker. Not what I expected. He came home a few hours later. I am guessing because I got my present on Friday (a lovely bunch of Tulips in a Vase) he thought he was done. We went out for lunch and to the mall when he came home. He is going to be posting pics of Zoe from today and of my flowers and vase. He did leave me a card this morning from Zoe and the Cat. He is going to make me dinner soon too. He has been cooking a lot since he bought a new set of pots. We each took a portion of our tax refund to spend however we wanted he bought pots. I bought a Lemongrass Kitchenaid mixer and a pink mini Ipod. I am also going to get some spa time in but I am not sure when. Steve is typing away on the den computer right now while I am at the desk in the kitchen. Zoe is sleeping peacefully for now.

Mothers Day Pictures

We hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.

Teresa Smallwood

I was recently emailed by an old friend that I lived beside in Coquitlam. Teresa and I were friends as far back as I can remember. Unfortunately they moved away when we were still kids.

I remember visiting them in Saskatchewan a few years after they moved away, they had a huge property there and we got to explore all around it, there were tons of gophers everywhere, we went to Kmart and got a kite and spent all afternoon flying it. They also had a huge manmade pond in the front of their property that was full of ducks.

I’m the cute blond, Teresa is in the middle and my sister is on the left. I think this must have been in her house.

We got back in touch through ClassMates.

If you want Teresa’s email address just email me.

Hello Everyone

Well Zoe is happily watching poker with daddy. I am sure she will be a gambling frisbee player in no time. I’ll teach her how to shop. She is starting to fit some of her 3-6 month clothes and I have put away several of the 0-3 months things that have become too small. Her closet and drawers are still bursting with great clothes so she will have a wide selection no matter what size she is. We have not been doing much. Today we are going to the opening of the outlet mall by the Tulali casino where Steve plays poker. Hopefully the rain holds off because it is an outdoor mall. Well gonna go and get ready to go shopping.