Happy Mothers Day

Well I awoke on my first Mothers Day to discover Steve had gone to play poker. Not what I expected. He came home a few hours later. I am guessing because I got my present on Friday (a lovely bunch of Tulips in a Vase) he thought he was done. We went out for lunch and to the mall when he came home. He is going to be posting pics of Zoe from today and of my flowers and vase. He did leave me a card this morning from Zoe and the Cat. He is going to make me dinner soon too. He has been cooking a lot since he bought a new set of pots. We each took a portion of our tax refund to spend however we wanted he bought pots. I bought a Lemongrass Kitchenaid mixer and a pink mini Ipod. I am also going to get some spa time in but I am not sure when. Steve is typing away on the den computer right now while I am at the desk in the kitchen. Zoe is sleeping peacefully for now.

Mothers Day Pictures

We hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.

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