Honeymoon pics

Ok so I know we were married in 1999. But we didn’t have this site then. So I am going to get Steve to post some pictures from our honeymoon so everyone can see them. We hope to one day take Zoe to Scotland so she can see all the places we fell in love with. My two favourites were Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness and Oban a great little place right on the water were we stayed near the end of our honeymoon. I think Steve really liked Roslynn Chapel we didn’t find out if the Grail is really there but it is neat to see the carvings and other things the books including the DaVinci Code talk about up close and personal. They were fixing the exterior when we were there. We also visited Cawdor Castle which is famously linked to Macbeth because of Shakspere even though Macbeth was long gone before it was built and we went to the Scone Palace where the Stone of Destiny was and kings were crowned. Macbeth would of been crowned there. Steve sat on the replica of the stone. The real one is said to be the one housed in Edinburgh Castle with the honours of Scotland a sword and some jewels. We couldn’t take any pictures. Steve did take a picture of the murial on the wall inside the Castle of Macbeth even though there was a sign that said no photos allowed. We also went to the Macbeth Experience just outside of Perth. It is a little film about the real Macbeth and the Shakesperian version. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of castles and sites of battles. We even went to Culloden and saw the battlefield were our tour was conducted by a Scottish fellow with long red hair and a kilt. Well I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click here for the Honeymoon photo album.

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