Just a quick post

Well Zoe seems to be getting better with her hands everyday. She can now easily grab objects and put them up to her mouth. She shows clear signs when she is tired. Rubbing her eyes and pulling her ears and hair. She is awake for longer periods during the day now and usually only has two or sometimes 3 naps. They last about an hour or sometimes two if she is really tired. She is getting bigger and heavier everyday too. Almost none of her 0-3months clothes fit her now and she has moved into her 3-6 months. Hard to beleive that she is almost 3 months old now. In weeks she is 12 but she will offically be 3 months on June 5th. I am sure we will continue to take excessive amounts of photos and post them. We are going to try to make it up to Canada soon we are just waiting on Zoe’s birth certificate. There was a spelling error and we had to send it back to be corrected. She really wants to meet her GG Babs and Grampy and Grandma Pat. She also wants to meet Uncle Norbert and cousins Kayia and Aiden. So hopefully that paper comes soon.

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