Zoe's first trip to Canada

Well we have just arrived home from a whirlwind trip to Canada. On Saturday Zoe went to support Leanne at the Relay for Life in Coquitlam, then went to a BBQ in North Van. Jose Sr. & Jr. and Pillar put on a great BBQ. Zoe enjoyed watching Amilie and Jose Jr. play. When we got back to our hotel she was so tired she slept for 8 hours.

Sunday Zoe had her first visit to Metrotown. She didn’t find anything she wanted to buy. Later that day we went to a BBQ at Shelley’s. Zoe visited with several of her cousins Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma. Exhausted from all the excitement she again slept for 8 hours.

Monday we took Zoe to Stanley Park with Nana. She like the aquarium and saw lots of ducks, geese, and even a very friendly butterfly. She also liked her first trip on the minature train. Later that day she met her Uncle Norbert and cousins Aiden and Kaiya for the first time. It was a short visit because she was tired and Aiden was a little cranky. Kaiya just wanted to climb over Zoe to get to her favourite toy elephant. For dinner we went to her Daddy’s favourite resturant Me’N’Eds. Ted, Tam, Heather, & Rachel met us there. Then we strolled around Metrotown again for awhile. That night she slept for 9 1/2 hours.

Tuesday Zoe met Josie when Mommy and Daddy went and got their hair done in Yaletown. Then she went to GAIA a store that sells ultimate frisbee gear. Then she napped on the long drive home.

Zoe enjoyed her trip and we have a lot of pics that we will post as soon as we get the chance. We took 389 so they won’t all be put up on the web. The fun of digital cameras. For now we are all going to take some quiet time to recover from all the excitement of the trip.

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