Woodland Park Zoo

Yesterday we took Zoe for her first trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. Steve will post some pics shortly. We have just got our Mac back out of the shop.

There was a butterfly exhibit where you walk through and they fly around but because it was overcast they weren’t moving much. And there was an exhibit where you can feed birds (budgies, small parrots, cockateils and the like) . They give you a popsicle stick with bird seed on it then you just go in and hope the birds are still hungry. Zoe go† to see a budgie up close and seemed to like all the colourful birds.

She trys to talk a lot more and spends much of her time chatting to me or Steve or the cat. She will also chat to the tv or her toys. We have put her in her exersaucer for short periods of time. Her feet don’t touch the floor but she likes the toys.

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