Zoe’s first play group/Happy Canada Day

Yesterday Zoe and I went to our first playgroup. It is the Eastside Mothers Club. It is a non Microsoft group although there are a lot of MS wives. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo so Zoe had 2 trips to the Zoe this week. She had more fun looking at all the other kids than looking at the animals. By the end of the trip she was pooped out and slept the whole way home. I didn’t get any pictures because I didn’t want to cart the camera around with us. Maybe next week. The playgroup meets every Thursday.

She also pooped on Daddy for the second time yesterday. And she rolled from her back to her tummy several times for Daddy but wouldn’t do it when Mommy was watching. So now Mommy has seen her go from her tummy to her back and Daddy has seen her go from her back to her tummy. Steve caught her on tape one time so I did get to see it. I am sure we will make up DVD’s for the family eventually with all the footage we collect.

Today is her first Canada Day too. She is wearing a little dress she was given with a Canadian Flag on the front. (even though she is technically an American). If the coulds clear we are going to go walking in downtown Snohomish when she wakes from her nap. And maybe go to the Pie Company or the Candy store.

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