Hello everyone

Well we haven’t been posting much lately. Zoe had a heart murmer at her last Dr appt. So we took her to childrens hospital to see a cardioligist and they said it was gone and she is perfectly healthy. She is still only rolling from her back to her front and then getting frustrated and crying until she gets flipped back. I have been pestering Steve to put up the new pics. We have a whole lot of them now. He keeps saying he will do it but so far he hasn’t. I will have to take away his laptop because he plays online poker when he gets home. Or he has Zoe.

We are having a fairly quiet summer. Steve is playing ultimate at MS he plays at lunch 3 days then in a leauge once or twice a week. Zoe and I are going to go and watch him tommorow.

We are finally going to get our yard landscaped too. We are just waiting for a couple of quotes then hopefully by the end of the summer we will have a back yard that doesn’t look like a weed jungle. It is green back there and we sure know how to treat those weeds so they thrive.

Thats it for now we are pretty boring.

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