Zoe’s new tricks

Well her feet now touch the ground in her activity center and she can spin herself around. Her legs are getting much stronger. She also sits alone for longer periods. She has even gotten up on all fours a few times and will be crawling in no time. This weekend we will be taking her to the Evergreen State Fair. She should love seeing all the animals and people. She also went to her first movie today. It was a Reel Mom’s movie. They have a movie for mom’s and babies every week. Steve went with us it was The 40 Year Old Virgin. Zoe slept through most of it even with other babies screaming and crying around her. The movie was very funny but not suitable for kids that will copy the language.

As far as new things around the house we are getting our back yard done. Right now it is a pile of dirt with some big rocks in it. But all the weeds we have been growing this summer are now gone and there is a bobcat in our back yard. Our driveway is full of dirt and rocks too. Maybe next spring we will have the plants put in for now it will be a rock wall and grass. It will be done just in time for the rainy season.

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