Zoe & Santa

Well Zoe has seen Santa twice now. Once last weekend at Yule Fest held at the Nordic Museum in Seattle. He was walking by while I was holding her and stopped and said hi she was ok with that. Today we went to downtown Snohomish were Santa arrived and went to see him and get a pic but today Zoe just cried when she saw him. Even Mommy and Daddy couldn’t calm her down so I am thinking there will be no Santa pics this year. Hopefully she will like him more next year. I am sure he won’t take it personally though and she will still get lots of presents.

Trick or Treating and new tricks

Well Zoe had her first Halloween. She dressed up as piglet. We went trick or treating at Steve’s office and she enjoyed reaching into the bowls to grab her treats. She did not like it much when we took them away and put them in her bag. We only let her get a few (after all they were really for me and Steve) She also liked handing out the candy at home and seeing all the kids dressed up.

Her new tricks are waving which she does a lot of. She also claps and even makes some noise when she does. She also can now climb from the family room up the step into the rest of the house. She just learnt that one today. She enjoys moving around and does not like to be held down or remain in one spot for very long.

Hopefully Steve will get some new pics up soon.