Thanksgiving & first Snow

Well Zoe celebrated her first American Thanksgiving. She had some yams, turkey, peas, mashed potatoes, corn and even a bit of pie. Not pumkin though because her mommy did not notice that it was a frozen pie that needed to be baked so it sat in the fridge for a couple of days and thawed and had to go in the garbage. But the marionberry and rasphberry pie was great. She really kept an eye on her cousin Kaiya to see what new tricks she could learn. She is trying to figure out how to climb over the box we have blocking the step in our family room. I think she may figure it out soon.

She also saw snow for the first time yesterday. I took her out without her hat on and she tried to catch the flakes as they fell. They were the big ones so she was fascinated by them. There is not enough on the ground for any good snow play and she still can’t walk so it may not be until next year that she gets to get out there and play in it.

I am still bugging Steve to put pics up maybe this weekend but no promises. He is just getting farther and farther behind.

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