What Zoe's up to

Well Zoe is walking more and more everyday. She still looks like a drunk sailor but she gets further every time. She has her first cold right now and is a littl stuffy and cranky. Her favourite place to sleep is on mommy. We hope she gets better fast. She is in Gymboree now and just finished Kindermusik. Gymboree is more active and she likes the climbing and playing with balls and other kids. I will try to get Steve to post some more pics soon.

Steve is going to Bejing next Saturday for a week. If he likes what he sees then Zoe and I will go and see what we think. And if we like it we may be moving to China at sometime in the future. This would mean we would be closer to my cousin Cliff. I am not going to worry about moving overseas until I know it is happening though because there are still a lot of questions to be answered before we would go.

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