Trip to Bejing

Well we are all going to Bejing on March 13th to have a look around. It is a big flight for Zoe’s first. I hope that she will sleep a good part of the time. Although we arrive at 9:15pm so I want her to sleep when we arrive. I think the time difference is 14 or 16 hours. On the way home it will be even more fun as we have 2 transfers instead of just one. On the way we go to Tokyo then to Bejing on the way home we go to Tokyo then Portland then home. It is sure to be an adventure. By then we should have our replacement camera so we can take lots of pictures.

Zoe News

Well Zoe is recovering from her first real sickness. Unfortunatley she has given it to me. Now I know why she was so cranky and tired. She is now full of energy and happy. She blows kisses and waves a lot now. She lost a bit of weight when she was sick but she is eating well so I am sure she will gain it back in no time. She opened her first bank account last weekend and with all the change we have been saving and people have given her she had $110 to start. Not to bad that is about $10 a month for her. Not a bad wage for just being cute. She loves animals and gets really excited when she sees them on tv. We are going to take her to the zoo on the weekend if it isn’t raining. Of course if it is only sunny on Sunday we may not go because Steve will want to watch the Superbowl. I hate football. Well maybe Zoe and I will go shopping while her daddy watches football. Unless of course she wants to watch with him then maybe I will go get a pedicure or something. We are starting to think about what we are going to do for Zoe’s first birthday so keep checking back and watch your mail for your invite with details. Well she will be waking from her nap soon so I should go and finish my tiding up.