Almost 1 already

Wekll our little Zoe will be one this Sunday the year has flown by. She is a great walker now and is attempting to run sometimes. She got her first goose egg when she decided to run outside on the cement of course this was right as we were going to have her one year pictures done. The hat covers the goose egg but her cheek is scratched. She received her first birthday present and card today from Mya (Sam & Monica’s little girl). Right now she is wandering around the kitchen and eating area carrying the cute top and pants. They are pink and white and have kitties on them. She loves carrying things around espcecially her clothes. She saw Sam when he was here visiting but was a little weary of him. Hopefully she will get to meet Mya soon and thank her in person. We are having her birthday party here on Sunday with just family she is too small to care about how many kids come. Last weekend she was at her cousin Aiden’s birthday and was a little overwhelmed by all the kids. She did love the cake though. We will put pics up from her birthday hopefully before we leave for China on the 13th. Gotta go and stop Zoe from chasing and torturing the cat now.

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