Bejing so far

Well after a very long flight. Zoe was good on the 10 and a half hour one but not so great on the 4 hour one from Tokyo to Bejing it was 5 am to her though and she had been sleeping off and on and taken in and out of her seat. I did not fare well on the 4 hour flight either I desperatley needed sleep but couldn’t becuase Zoe was fussy and wanted to cuddle or walk. Once we landed I got up close a personal with Bejing plumbing. Our hotel room looked amazing but the bed is as hard as a rock so sleeping was hard and Zoe was still a little cranky. Tuesday morning I again got up close and personal with the plumbing as my breakfast did not sit well. We then went and looked at a couple places to stay. The first one was very nice and modern it looked like something out of a magazine. The second one is in a more established neighbourhood and is older. The interior shows this as dose the furnishing. They cost about the same because the older one is closer to downtown. The other one is still under construction so it would be new when we moved in. After that we came back to the hotel so I could go to bed where I remained trying to sleep on the rock hard bed until this morning. Today we are supposed to look at some apartments then go site seeing. Steve has said his tummy is a little queasy today. I am still not feeling great a good 5 or 6 hours of sleep in a row would help. Zoe tends to wake up a lot during the night and has gotten up at 4am both nights to play for a couple hours before returning to bed for 2 or 3 hours. She has been eating a lot unlike her parents and is in good spirits. So far we haven’t taken any pictures but I am guessing if we make it to some site seeing places today we will. I am not looking forward to the flight back home. I told Steve that I was tempted to agree to moving as long as I didn’t have to fly back. But of course right now I miss my nice soft bed and my kitty. We everyone is well and you remember to check our blog. I will try to post again if I am feeling up to it.

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