Friday activities

Well yesterday was our last day in Bejing. We went to Tieanament Square and the Forbiden City in the morning. Zoe was mobbed at the Forbidden City by a group of tourists from a small Chinese town that wanted to take pictures with her. She was in the backpack so her and Steve will be in a bunch of people’s photos. Several people were looking at her and touching her arm or grabbing her hand. For the most part she didn’t seem to mind. She did get a little overwhelmed later in the day when we were shopping at the Silk Market and Pearl Market and people were grabbing her hand and arm and following us. After our morning tours our guide took us out for lunch and ordered for us. The food was good even though we didn’t know what everything was. Mostly beef and pork dishes. In the afternoon we went first to the Pearl Market it is 5 levels with a fish market on the bottom. (very smelly) The top floor is all people selling pearls by strand, in jewellery, individually or any way you could imangine. It is kinda like a swap meet or the showmart building at the PNE with people set up in stalls. All of them call out to you as you go by and they all speak english. Of course here you can also buy designer items (knock offs) for cheap. The other floors of the market have a varitey of items like clothing (designer jeans, workout wear, silk items and any other clothing item you could imagine including racey underwear), there are paintings, carvings, watches, doll, electronics, and a wide array of other items. We bought Zoe a pair of silk PJ’s and a Dress there. After that we went to the Silk Market which is much the same but with a bit more variety in the clothing items and has a lot of shoes and bags. Steve and I were going to buy shirts but there are not chubby people in China so even the largest size was too small for us. However if we had wanted you can purchase material and have any item of clothing you would like made right there at the market. We did not do this though because we did not have the time to come back and get it.

At the end of the day we finally made it to our hotel pool. The pool area is like an oasis with a fake sky, palm trees, waterfalls and lots of neat decorations. Zoe went for her first swim and seemed to enjoy herself. It was a good way to end a very hectic week.

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