Now we Know Why

Well we broke down and took Zoe to the clinic yesterday because she was so cranky still and had a fever. We discovered she has her first ear infection. That is why she screamed and cried almost the whole flight home on Saturday. Steve said what did I care I would never see any of the people on the plane again. But as luck would have there was a lady I know from the MS coffee group who was on the same plane. She had been in Hong Kong with her husband who was there for a conference. So I will see her again. Hopefully she was far enough away from us on the plane not to be too bothered. Oddly enough almost all the people sitting around us slept even with Zoe crying. The flight attendants were horrible. They were old and too made up. Then they were surly and rude. One was running around like a chicken with her head cut off because she was short two meals for her section. She was screaming that she was short and didn’t know what to do trying to get the one working our section to give her a couple. Our attendant said when she finished she would see if she had any left. Then the other lady screamed well I don’t know what to do I don’t have anymore. She was standing right by us and I had just gotten Zoe to sleep so she startled her awake. She is still pretty cranky today and clingy. She wants me to hold all the time and cries if Steve tries to help. Well gotta go figure out dinner.

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