Firemen everywhere you look

Well we had an excitig evening last night. I was sick and fainted at around midnight so Steve called 911 and 9 firemen showed up to check me out. I was really groggy so I couldn’t see how many there were but could tell our bedroom was full of them. Zoe slept through the whole thing. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and given a lot of fluid.

We also made a very sad discovery today. Early in the week I took Spaz into the vet because his back paws were swollen. They did some tests and said he was eniemic and had a thyroid problem and gave us medication for him. He didn’t seem like himself at all the last couple days and this morning after searching for him Steve found him and he had passed away. I would like to ask that right now no one call me about this as I am still very upset as I am sure you can guess. And with not feeling well it has just made me a little over emotional right now and I don’t really want to talk about it.

Getting Ready

Well we are having our first open house this weekend. It would be great if someone decided to buy it. We are not counting on that though. We do hope it sells fast so we can start selling or giving away some of our furniture and other items. Our community is having a yard sale on May 18 & 19 so hopefully I will be able to sell off the stuff I boxed up for that purpose. If anyone wants to come down and help feel free. Steve will be in China and I am not sure how I will man the yard sale and Zoe at the same time. Hopefully it doesn’t rain either. We have packed up a lot of stuff and our house has never looked this clean. Righ now our new cleaners are here scrubbing and polishing everything. Zoe is in daycare she went on Friday so I could organize the house and today. We get 20 days a year through MS so we are going to use them. I am using some while Steve is away. He will be gone for the first 3 weeks in May so it will be hard being alone with Zoe that whole time without anyone I can just call to come over and watch her for an hour or two while I go out. Right now I make it out about 1 night a week. Zoe seems to like the daycare place they have a lot of activites and an outdoor play area. She doesn’t nap there well though because they nap in the play area in cribs along the side wall.

Easter and stuff

Well Zoe was spoiled for Easter. Not a suprise. She had her pictures taken with the Easter Bunny this year and didn’t mind him at all. She now has a very large stuffed bunny collection we thought only real rabbits multiplied like that. She also spent her first night away from Mommy. I was sick on Sunday so Steve took Zoe to stay over at Shelley’s and I am told she did very well. I had a bit of trouble sleeping and even woke up and went to check on her because she was too quiet before I remembered she wasn’t there. Since then she has been sleeping for 8 to 9 hours in a row so we are hoping she keeps that up. Zoe also has her molars coming in. We didn’t expect them this soon but you can feel them at the back of her mouth. It explains why she is chewing on everything.