Zoe’s 15 month check up

Well Zoe is now 31 inches tall and 22lbs. She is a little low on the weight chart but the Dr. said it is not enough to worry about. She was not happy to get 4 shots today. She is done now until she is 2 though. She says bye bye a lot now and waves. She does it when we are out and people are passing or when people leave if we are in a resturant or store. She gets quiet miffed if people do not notice and respond. Her yougurt drinks are her favourite thing right now and she loves to get them out of the fridge if you open it for her and will shake it and wait for you to put the straw in for her. If she wants one she will stand by the fridge and make noise and sign. She will follow simple instructions like getting her shoes or putting things away. Although not always sometimes she decides she isn’t going to go along and ignores you or has a little tantrum. She is doing well and changing and getting more independent and more of her personality everyday.

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