More done before noon than most people

Well now that Zoe has decided that 6:30am is the ideal time to wake up I have managed to do a lot today and it isn’t even noon. We had a shower, fed Zoe a snack, tidied the house for the showing today, went out for breakfast, went to the park, went for a walk, then Zoe went down for her nap, and I cleaned up the mess she made this morning. It is only 11:30 and it is 75 and climbing outside. It is a good thing we went out early this morning I think we will stay indoors until this evening when it is a little cooler. Steve will get home from Las Vegas tonight at about 11pm. He has not won big but says he is even. It is ridiculously hot in Las Vegas so they have stayed indoors most the time. I am sure Steve has spent most the time playing poker and not with his friends. I am hoping for cloudy weather soon because I don’t care for this heat and if the sun doesn’t shine so early Zoe may sleep until 7 or even 8. We are still going to Gymboree and are going to move up to the next level (16-22months) she will be 16 mpnths in a couple weeks. Right now she is bigger than all the other kids (most the kids we started with have moved up) and she is much more active and mobile. I think she scares some of the other parents because she can be a little agressive when she wants something. We will find out Tuesday how she likes being even or lower than the others in class. It is an hour later than her current class which will be better because then she can nap before class. She has been missing most of her nap and getting cranky and hungry half way through class.

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