Zoe and the Kangaroos

Today we went to a Kangaroo farm with the mom’s club. Zoe got to feed and pet kangaroos, lamas, a donkey, and birds. She loved feeding the animals and kept wanting to get more food so she could give them more. She did have a bit of trouble keeping her hand open and often would keep the food tight in her fist. After we went to a farm for ice cream and to see a goat that will pull a can up using a pulley after you put food in a can for him. It was quiet entertaining but Zoe liked the other goats and sheep she could hand feed and pet. She is definatley an animal lover and not afraid of them. One of the larger kangaroos only had one leg but apparently gets around well. They also sent one of the babies (of the smaller ones) to the Zoo in Toronto. Zoe would of been happy to stay there all day with the animals but I don’t know if they would of liked her there all day trying to hug and pet them. Hopefully Steve will get the pics up soon.

Some new Zoe pics

I have put some pics together of Zoe for Steve to put up on the site. Hopefully he does it tomorrow. She seems to want to be a fashionista. As you will be able to tell from some of the photos she hams it up for the camera and heads straight for you.

There are also several pics from the park by our house and the one by the dog park we visit. She loves the swings and the slide. Usally Steve is the one climbing and going down with her I am the catcher at the bottom. I did go on the see-saw with her though. Steve held us up in the air and I couldn’t get us down. We will try to keep the pictures coming maybe monthly once we move to China. We certainly snap enough photos of her to keep them coming. You will also see she loves animals in these pics some are at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and some are at the Vancouver Zoological Center in Aldergrove. Hope you enjoy them.

Zoe Pictures

In Memory of Spaz

Well it has been over a month now since our kitty passed away. I still miss him and think about him often. I have put together some pictures of him that I am going to get Steve to put up that show him in his fatter days and in his later days. There are quiet a few with Zoe to. He was 17 and he had a long and pampered life for a cat. He was very affectionate and vocal. He loved to sleep under the covers beside you or on your pillow above your head. His favourite way to wake you in the morning was by kissing your nose or giving you a tap with his paw on your chin.

When you were on the computer the keyboard or across your wrists seemed to be the place he needed to be. He was full of personality and we loved him very much. He was Steves first cat and the first one that I had that was mine not our family cat. He was the pet we both had the longest. While Zoe will not remember him she can look back at pictures one day and we will tell her about her first pet. Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to give your furry family members a little extra love and cuddle time today.

Spaz Pictures