In Memory of Spaz

Well it has been over a month now since our kitty passed away. I still miss him and think about him often. I have put together some pictures of him that I am going to get Steve to put up that show him in his fatter days and in his later days. There are quiet a few with Zoe to. He was 17 and he had a long and pampered life for a cat. He was very affectionate and vocal. He loved to sleep under the covers beside you or on your pillow above your head. His favourite way to wake you in the morning was by kissing your nose or giving you a tap with his paw on your chin.

When you were on the computer the keyboard or across your wrists seemed to be the place he needed to be. He was full of personality and we loved him very much. He was Steves first cat and the first one that I had that was mine not our family cat. He was the pet we both had the longest. While Zoe will not remember him she can look back at pictures one day and we will tell her about her first pet. Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to give your furry family members a little extra love and cuddle time today.

Spaz Pictures

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