Some new Zoe pics

I have put some pics together of Zoe for Steve to put up on the site. Hopefully he does it tomorrow. She seems to want to be a fashionista. As you will be able to tell from some of the photos she hams it up for the camera and heads straight for you.

There are also several pics from the park by our house and the one by the dog park we visit. She loves the swings and the slide. Usally Steve is the one climbing and going down with her I am the catcher at the bottom. I did go on the see-saw with her though. Steve held us up in the air and I couldn’t get us down. We will try to keep the pictures coming maybe monthly once we move to China. We certainly snap enough photos of her to keep them coming. You will also see she loves animals in these pics some are at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and some are at the Vancouver Zoological Center in Aldergrove. Hope you enjoy them.

Zoe Pictures

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