Zoe and the Kangaroos

Today we went to a Kangaroo farm with the mom’s club. Zoe got to feed and pet kangaroos, lamas, a donkey, and birds. She loved feeding the animals and kept wanting to get more food so she could give them more. She did have a bit of trouble keeping her hand open and often would keep the food tight in her fist. After we went to a farm for ice cream and to see a goat that will pull a can up using a pulley after you put food in a can for him. It was quiet entertaining but Zoe liked the other goats and sheep she could hand feed and pet. She is definatley an animal lover and not afraid of them. One of the larger kangaroos only had one leg but apparently gets around well. They also sent one of the babies (of the smaller ones) to the Zoo in Toronto. Zoe would of been happy to stay there all day with the animals but I don’t know if they would of liked her there all day trying to hug and pet them. Hopefully Steve will get the pics up soon.

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