Chaouyoung Park

We went to a big park yesterday (I probably spelt it wrong). It has several paths and green areas as well as a large lake you can rent small boats on and an amusement park. It was very humid yesterday but there was a breeze so it was fine until the breeze stopped. Zoe was a little too warm to want to walk. She did have one group take pictures with her and several others stop to talk to her and say she was cute or beautiful. It was nice to be in a green area and see lots of birds. There is also a huge swimming pool there. It wasn’t that crowded which was also nice. However I did have to use the washroom and it had squating toilets that were gross and no toilet paper. I used the handicaped stall because it had a normal toilet but still no tp. it was the first really yucky bathroom I have come across so far. The ones in the resturants we have gone to have been fine.

We also went to a supermarket called Jenny Lous and found all the foods we like. Zoe was very excited to see the smarties. We have gone to several resturants so far no chinese ones though. We found a place called Annies that has good Italian food. Today we are going to amall that claims to be the biggest in the world with over 500 stores. Should be interesting.


We are getting adjusted. Zoe still thinks it is good to wake up at 5am so we are working on that. Hopefully in a week or so we will be all sorted. Zoe and I are a little stuffy but otherwise everyone seems to be doing fine. Everyone wants to pick up Zoe and carry her around. They don’t bring her back when she cries they don’t seem to care. We go and rescue her though. We have gone to a place called Steak N Eggs a couple times the owner is from New Brunswick and they have western food. Our apartment has a little store and bakery downstairs that has a good selection of stuff. There is a resturant too. Zoe likes the playroom and pushes the little tykes car around the room and throws the balls out of the ball pit. We went to the grocery store yesterday too. It was crazy it was packed and there was so much stuff. There was samples all over the place too just like costco. I bought what I thought was shampoo but it turns out it was the conditioner. We haven’t started our Mandarin lessons yet or started looking for a place we will do that a little while once we are a bit more acclimated. Well that is all for now.

China fast approaching

Well our move is fast approaching and we are trying to get all the last minute things done. We have both the vehicles for sale and think we have a least the truck sold. We will know for sure next Friday because we asked if they could wait to take it so we wouldn’t have to rent a car for too long. We had an offer on the car but have not heard back from them weather or not they are still interested. We will not be up again until the day before we fly out of Vancouver. We are leaving on August 17th at 12:30pm. We wish we had time to come up and see everyone but Steve has lots of lose ends at work and we have a few more things to do with the sale of the house so there really is no free time left to come up for a few days. I am sure the next week and a half will fly by. It may be awhile before we post when we arrive in China. We will be staying in a hotel for the first month or so until I stuff arrives that was shipped and we decide where we are going to live. I am sure Steve will bring his laptop with him to the hotel so we will try to post and send emails. Sometimes the internet connection is really slow or goes down thought so it may be intermitent. Plus we will be busy with things like, finding a place to live, getting a car, a driver, an ayi (housekeeper/house manager), opening bank accounts and many other little things. Once we have a phone number and a permananet address we will send it out. Please do keep in mind the time difference when calling though. On the upside if you can’t sleep and it is 3am you will now know there is someone you can call. LOL I will try to post again before we go and maybe get some more pics of Zoe put up. We have tons of cute ones. She really likes hats. Her dad used to because I have plenty of pictures of him when he was little with hats on. She is now about 23lbs and I think 30 inches. Maybe a little taller/shorter. She is finally getting the one front top tooth that was waiting to come in and her eye teeth so she has been a little cranky off and on with the teething pain. She is starting to chat much more and says a few words Hi and Bye being her favourites. Of course when you give her the phone and someone talks to her she just tries to kiss it and won’t talk. We will be back at Christmas time but I am not sure for how long yet so we will try to fit everyone in. Of course we will see our families first then our friends. If we don’t see you before we leave have a great summer and remember to check back as we will try to keep this blog up to date more while we are away.