We are getting adjusted. Zoe still thinks it is good to wake up at 5am so we are working on that. Hopefully in a week or so we will be all sorted. Zoe and I are a little stuffy but otherwise everyone seems to be doing fine. Everyone wants to pick up Zoe and carry her around. They don’t bring her back when she cries they don’t seem to care. We go and rescue her though. We have gone to a place called Steak N Eggs a couple times the owner is from New Brunswick and they have western food. Our apartment has a little store and bakery downstairs that has a good selection of stuff. There is a resturant too. Zoe likes the playroom and pushes the little tykes car around the room and throws the balls out of the ball pit. We went to the grocery store yesterday too. It was crazy it was packed and there was so much stuff. There was samples all over the place too just like costco. I bought what I thought was shampoo but it turns out it was the conditioner. We haven’t started our Mandarin lessons yet or started looking for a place we will do that a little while once we are a bit more acclimated. Well that is all for now.

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