Chaouyoung Park

We went to a big park yesterday (I probably spelt it wrong). It has several paths and green areas as well as a large lake you can rent small boats on and an amusement park. It was very humid yesterday but there was a breeze so it was fine until the breeze stopped. Zoe was a little too warm to want to walk. She did have one group take pictures with her and several others stop to talk to her and say she was cute or beautiful. It was nice to be in a green area and see lots of birds. There is also a huge swimming pool there. It wasn’t that crowded which was also nice. However I did have to use the washroom and it had squating toilets that were gross and no toilet paper. I used the handicaped stall because it had a normal toilet but still no tp. it was the first really yucky bathroom I have come across so far. The ones in the resturants we have gone to have been fine.

We also went to a supermarket called Jenny Lous and found all the foods we like. Zoe was very excited to see the smarties. We have gone to several resturants so far no chinese ones though. We found a place called Annies that has good Italian food. Today we are going to amall that claims to be the biggest in the world with over 500 stores. Should be interesting.

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