We found a home

Well we decided on a house yesterday. Our favourite home was in a community that is still underconstruction and only has one or two families living there so far. So we did not go there they also haven’t finished any of the clubhouse amenenities yet. I really wanted somewhere that would be a good place for me and Zoe to socialize and meet others. The place we picked is called Yosemite and is the first place Steve looked at when he came. There was one other community called Lane Bridge we considered but the amenities where not as great. So it is good that we have that settled the unit is just being finished up.We will probably not be able to move for another month or so though because there is a lot of paperwork to be done and negotiating. We are asking for a furniture allowance instead of a furnished unit. The furniture usally comes with the units though some places only furnish one or two rooms. Most have furniture that is too fancy for us. Lots of glass tables and cabinets. I am sure it will be fun shopping for everything we will need. Of course Steve and I only agree on dislikes seldom on furniture we like so it should be an intersting battle.

Here are some things I have noticed here that are odd. One: There is no drinking age so many highschool kids go to the bars and clubs to hang out and drink. Also you can buy beer (no wine) and hard alchol in 7-11(yep there is 7-11) the hard stuff is behind the counter. Two: they aren’t big on refrigeration. The grocery store often has things like milk and eggs on the shelf unrefridgerated. This is the case at the western grocery store too. Although they do have some milk and yougrt in the cold case along with cheese and a few other items.

Well I should go shower now while Zoe is sleeping. Her eye teeth are coming in and she has been a little cranky the past couple days. She was really good the day we were out for over 5 hours house hunting. She has found an Austrailan show on tv here that she likes. I have never caught the name but it has a bear named humphfrie on it. (someone in a costume). They sing a lot and dance and she has started trying to copy the hand movements and dancing.

Hope everyone is well and I will try to post again soon.

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