Few more tidbits from Beijing

Well we have gone to a few resturants none of them Chinese yet. Zoe and I went to Gymboree to check out a music class. She was the only nonasian baby there and it was much like the US except that one of the little girls had her diaper removed half way through the class and nothing replaced it so she had a dress on with nothing under it. Steve had read on the site that kids need the appropriate clothing. Zoe still gets excited when she sees Starbucks here even though they don’t have the soy milk she loves.

Steve is away right now for 4 days on a work retreat. It was supposed to be 6 but her got out of the last 2.

Yesterday I was reminded of the difference often found in manners of children. We were in the playroom at the hotel and a little boy who I would guess was 4 based on his size (Chinese and there with his mom) He was in one of the little tykes cars then got out so Zoe went to use it and he climbed over her while his mom just said be careful and did not instead say you were done it is her turn now. Then Zoe decided she would instead take the balls out of the back pocket area of the car so the boy started backing up trying to run her down again his mom just said and said be careful. The final straw for me was when he had her pinned between the car and the ball pit basically and pushed/hit her hard in the face. She fell back and was crying she would of bashed her head on the hard floor had the ball pit not interuptted her fall. Then his mom came over and said say your sorry but the kid just glared at Zoe and tried to run her over. I picked her up and we left the lady whispered sorry. If Zoe would of done that to a kid half her size or even her own size she would of been the one that had to leave. This lady didn’t make her kid apologize or give him any correction for such bad behaviour. I have found there are many bratty kids here because when people can only have one they tend to get spoiled especially boys. Although this lady spoke good english and may have been from the US or Canada. Luckily we haven’t run into him again. We spend about an hour a day in the playroom just for a change of scenery.

The weather has been hot and humid and often very overcast. You can see a glowing orb in the sky and it is the sun. There is a lot of pollution here and when it is really grey I try not to go outside. The place we are moving is farther out of the city so not as bad. Well I should go now and put Zoe to bed it is 9pm she is still not in a perfect routine yet once we move it should get better.

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