Zoe’s latest tricks

Well Zoe is always changing. She now says more words like ball, ohoh, beep and tries to say cracker and pineapple. Pineapple seems to be her favourite food of the moment. She also pinches her index and thumb together and holds them up by her eye and squints when she wants a treat. This is because I had all the junk food in a drawer and held my thumb and index fingers close together and said we would have a little treat. She goes to the drawer now all the time and signs she wants a treat. Of course she is also learning that you don’t always get what you want and she can throw a mean tantrum.

I am sure by the time we are back in December she will be talking more clearly and have more words in her vocabulary. It will be nice for her when we are in our new place and she has her bed back and her toys. Right now she sleeps in her pack and play (or with us mostly with us) and has her naps in the bed. The only way to get her to sleep right now is to lay with her so hopefully she will go back to her old routine of having a nice rock while listening to her story cd then sleeping in her crib.

It looks like we will be moving sometime around the 25th of September. Hopefully My pack that was supposed to be my carry on bag will be in our shippment. It had the camera in it. Then we can take some pictures and post them on the site. I think Zoe may be going on a bit of a growth spurt because she has had a really good appetite for the last week or so. Well that is it for now later.

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