A bit about Zoe

Well this will be blog number 4 in word because we don’t have our internet hooked up yet. We are going to try to get to the clubhouse later where they are supposed to have wi-fi so we will be able to get the laptop online. We will take turns watching Zoe in the playroom and using the computer.
Well onto Zoe she says elbow quite well and a lot. She also likes to say no now when you ask her to do something or if she wants a nap. At the moment Ferer Jaques (bad spelling) is the song Zoe likes to hear when she is put down to sleep. I usually only have to go through the French and English verses twice and she is out. She likes the French verse better. On bad days I sing it over and over and over. I think the longest is about 10 times. I have tried other songs but that is the one she likes right now. Zoe is also fond of using the broom. Although not good with it because it is way too big for her. I am thinking I will get her a small one. This morning in a room full of toys she was only interested in the broom. If we can get her to use it and the dustpan right we will be set. She is going through a phase where she wants to do everything herself. She gets mad when we don’t let her climb the stairs or go up the ladder to slide in the playroom without us right there to watch her. She will try to push you away. She has been getting lots of practice on the stairs as we have plenty. There are 4 floors and there are 16 stairs to each floor. Not to worry if you come to visit the guest room is on the main level and has its own bathroom. You will have just two stairs from the living room to the level with the kitchen , dining, and guest room. To say hello in Mandarin you say Ni Hao (nee how) Zoe now says how to people when the say ni hao to her and she waves. Yesterday we went to the clubhouse for dinner and she was really fussy and wouldn’t drink her juice she kept wanting a drink but then would push it away. Steve tasted the juice and discovered it was apple cider not apple juice. Later he asked for ketchup for his fries and pointed at bottles he thought were ketchup. The waitress brought some in a little dish and Zoe and Steve dipped fries. Zoe love to dip and will put anything and everything in ketchup. Well suddenly Zoe is crying and grabbing her tounge. It turns out it was chilli sauce and hot not ketchup. I then knocked a glass over and broke it spilling my ice tea across the table. It was quite a hectic dinner and we were surprised Zoe would trust any food or drink we would give her after that.
We know Zoe is growing too because many of the clothes that fit her when we left that came in our shipment are now too small for her. Today we put on her sandals that we just found in a box with books and her toes hung over the ends. She still has a dresser bursting with clothes. But if anyone decides to buy her clothes for Christmas please get them in size 2 or larger. She is in the 18-24 months stuff now and a few things are getting a little small. It really depends on the store they came from. We hope to get a small digital camera soon so we can take pictures and post them so you will all be able to see how much she has changed. Maybe we will even get ambitious and get some video of her and post it so you can hear her say elbow.
Well that is all for now as this is the 4th long blog that will go up once we get online so later.

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