Almost all unpacked

We are at the clubhouse right now waiting for lunch. We have unpacked almost everything. Early this week we bought a bunch of book shelves at Ikea so we have unpacked all of our books now. We have a lot of them. Zoe’s won’t fit on the shelf so they are going on the shelf in her room. that is where they went before. We bought a baby monitor yesterday so Zoe spent her first night in her room. She had been sleeping in our room in the pack and play. She slept all night from 9pm to 8am. She is very curious. Today we unpacked her potty chair and set it up so she can get used to it. She kept going and sitting on it. So maybe soon we will sit her on it for short periods without a diaper and see how it goes. It is very hot here today probably at least 80F I think that is close to 30C too hot. The 5 minute walk to the clubhouse seemed very long. I am going to the spa here on Friday that will be nice. Steve is going to have some quiet time at the clubhouse with the computer after lunch. Later we are going shopping at a market called Yashow that is supposed to be great for clothes. We will see. Well you have a lot of reading to catch up on so I will end this now.

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