Rant about the movers

Ok so here is my little rant about the people who packed our stuff. I was annoyed when they did not pack the individual snack size teddy grahams we had bought for Zoe but they said they would go stale. I was annoyed when they did not pack my mini chocolate bars because apparently they would melt and just be a big blob. So imagine my surprise to find a Tupperware container with M&M’s in it that were not melted and a box of crackers that were opened and a box of wheat thins. Now for some reason they also only packed the mint and orange extracts I had for baking apparently the vanilla can’t come. And as far as my spices well there is ginger and a poultry seasoning the basil, oregano, cilantro, and grill mix apparently were able to come. Ok I understood they have rules but either follow them properly or send me my teddy grahams. Also they did send a box of assorted cookies and crackers that are snack size someone else asked us to bring.
Also I said at least a dozen times if it plugs in put it in storage. I know I specifically mentioned the kitchen aide mixer to the head guy at least 3 times. So of course it is here along with every electrical device and gadget except for the baby monitor that was in our room. Which would of been handy because we could of put batteries in it and the one from Zoe’s room (which is here) so she could sleep in her bed. Right now we need to buy one so we hear her when she wakes up. They also sent a ton of things I said were to go to storage like our garage sale items that didn’t sell, all my Disney lithographs (some of which were bent because of how they were packed, the hangers I had in a pile of garbage (they were the ones from Zoe’s clothes), all our vhs tapes. ( I remember telling the guy packing them we weren’t taking them they were going in storage while he was packing them), and many other ridiculous things. I would like to make them come and take the things they weren’t supposed to send and ship them back to the storage. Then they could find the things missing like, Zoe’s dishes, mugs, glasses, and of course my carry on bag along with the pictures I had done of Zoe for everyone just before we left.
Steve said we can go and look in the storage unit when we come back in December to find my carry on bag and our camera. We have no idea what box it is in though because it is not mentioned on the list. They gave us a list with each box and the contents in general for each location. I guess if we had the time to look at it some of this could have been avoided but the day we left the house was a very bad one and really hectic.

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