Settling In

Well today is Saturday and we still do not have an internet connection. There is a problem with the wiring. The wiring is there but it is just bare wire. The landlady is dropping off a tool for Steve to use so he can set it up. Hopefully sometime soon we will have a connection. I am sure my hotmail box is full of junk mail. Steve, Zoe and Mary (the ayi) just went out to go to Ikea to pick up some shelves for the playroom/library. So I have the whole house to myself for a few hours and it is great. So quiet and peaceful. Mary will be gone until Friday because this week is a national holiday week. Steve will be home so it will give us a chance to reorganize the stuff Mary put away for us and to explore our new neighborhood. I am going to try and get my craft stuff sorted and our closet. Mary does not get that Steve and I want our clothes separate so it is all mixed together. It is very neat and tidy but could be organized to fit more items in the drawers. She went through my underwear and folded them all neatly and arranged them by colour. The same was done with my tshirts they are all folded and stacked so you can see them all in the drawer by colour. I am going to roll them and that way I can fit two layers of shirts in. I am going to ask her not to put the laundry away because I am a bit of a nut when it comes to where it goes. I am sure she will think this is in some way because I think she did a bad job though. She worked from 8am until around 10pm last night. I told her to relax because we were going to be out and watch tv or something. She has done a huge amount of work but I don’t think she can relax.

Last night we went to an event at the clubhouse. It was a bbq and show. The performers were mostly people who live here. The only one we really saw as a band that had 3 teenage boys. They all seemed to be playing a different song. It was really bad. They had some Chinese acrobats too. There was a guy who blew sugar into these neat birds kinda like blown glass. The also had someone doing paper cutting where they make very intricate designs all by hand cutting the paper and someone who made dough figurines that were very detailed. Unfortunately the line to get any of these items was too long and it was hard to see with all the kids and adults crowded around. They had a big moon cake. I will post another blog about the autumn festival and the moon cake later. There is a neat story. We have not eaten moon cake but have gotten plenty of them. We gave some to our driver and Steve gave some to a guy he works with but we still have a big box of them. They have things like lotus paste, bean paste, shrimp paste, and other things in the middle. I am not brave enough to try them. Well this will be the 3rd pretty long blog that will go up when we are online so there will be lots of reading for everyone to catch up on. I will post one soon to about Zoe’s new things to do. One of them is to say No No no no. She is still as cute as ever.

Later Everyone

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