The move has happened

Well this blog is being typed in word. We spent our first full day in our permanent housing today. The move yesterday was hectic. Zoe was overtired and cranky. Then she napped late and went to bed late. Steve didn’t get home until 10pm because of work. There were problems with the front door not opening once it was locked. They were fixed. Today our Ayi started and she did so much work. She unpacked a huge amount. Even though I said she shouldn’t. I find it easier to put things away myself so I know where they are. She didn’t understand so I am going to have to rearrange the closet because she unpacked mine and Steves clothes and mixed them together. Right now she is carrying Zoe around because she heard Zoe crying. She was crying because she was trying to lift up her stool and couldn’t get it where she wanted to go. Even though she has been told several times the stools stay on the floor. She will often look at you when you tell her to do something with a kind of sideways glance like I hear you but I am not going to listen. The Ayi is going to live in so she will be here 5 days a week then go home to her boyfriends where she was living for the other 2. It is weird having someone living here and I felt bad today when she was unpacking and stuff while I just sat around. I am sure I will get used to it. I did unpack about half a dozen boxes myself today. I have made a big dent in the kitchen with all but one box put away and my craft room. Mary (ayi) unpacked somethings in there and put them away so I need to shuffle some stuff around so I can fit everything in the built in closet. Now once I get my table and chair I will have lots of craft time. I chatted to a couple of people that live in here for a few minutes yesterday they seemed nice. After Zoe and I had lunch at the clubhouse (doesn’t that sound fancy), we went to the playroom where there were 4 other kids all with their ayi’s . The Ayi who spoke the best English asked if I had an ayi. When I said yes she look confused and said you take care of the baby yourself. I said yes and they chatted among themselves and laughed. I guess it is odd to take your own kid to the playroom to them. Zoe and I did have a pretty good day today because I was able to focus on her most of the time. It is weird to have someone calling me misses and asking me what she should do next. She has been here since 9:30am and is still working hard. She didn’t take many breaks or take long for lunch. She is now watching Zoe in the playroom while I type this. Steve will be home soon and we will be going for dinner. I think we will invite her but I don’t know if she will come. They really should give expats a book on protocol for your drivers and ayi’s so you know what is expected and acceptable. I think our ayi will have it pretty good. I don’t care how many hours a day she works as long as I don’t have to clean the house or do the laundry. I have told her she can watch tv anytime she likes and she said no maybe later. We got furniture from Ikea for her and are going to back on Saturday to get a dresser and maybe a desk so she has somewhere to work. She said she wanted to learn better English. Hopefully we like her and she likes us. Mary was born the same year as my sister and her birth date is Nov. 17 so 2 days after mine. Whether or not her being a fellow scorpio will cause tension I guess we will have to see. I don’t believe she has kids yet. She worked for another family in Singapore for 1 and a half years they gave her a great reference. She learned English while working for them and how to cook Indian food. I don’t think she will learn much cooking from me. Well this is turning into a novel instead of a blot. Hopefully we will get on the net soon and I can post it. Or there may be a few long posts.

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