Yashow market

Well today we went to Yashow market and bought some movies we got: The Office Box set, Scanner Darkly, Curious George, The Devil Wears Prada, The Lake House, The Breakup, You Me and Dupree, She’s the Man, Thank you For Smoking, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend all for about $15US. Now before you all order your dvd’s remember they won’t work outside of China so they would do you no good. They also had lots of clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, nail salon, and many other things but it is hard to look around and bargain when Zoe is with you. So I need someone who likes shopping to come on over. We can get foot massages when our feet get tired to rejuvenate then go out again. Maybe I will meet some people here to shop with and will be able to leave Zoe with Steve. Right now Zoe is modeling her sunglasses by putting them on then looking at you with a big smile until you say she is cute. Of course all the clothes are too small for me. I am told there is a market/street called Alien that has clothing that will fit the more curvy foreigner. We will see some day. If not I will be doing some shopping in December. I think this is the longest I have gone without buying clothes for me and Zoe in ages. I have not bought anything since about a week before we moved here. I guess if I don’t shop here I will have the money for when I get home. Except the stuff here would be way cheaper. Zoe is now fighting her Daddy over control of the other laptop. She wants to play her computer game. He has the loaner laptop we have and I am using his work laptop. This one is smaller so easier to carry when we go to the clubhouse to get online. She is playing the game and it is very loud. It is the same one she had on the Mac at home. Hopefully soon Zoe will have a few friends in the neighborhood to play with. I met someone who is going to let me know when the next meeting is for the playgroup she is in. They try to do something once a week either rotating the villa complexes to use the different playrooms or an outing. Apparently it rotated houses but then got too big for that. Her daughter is 3 so a bit older than Zoe. It is too bad our camera is in storage because Zoe is full of cuteness and we would have at least 100 new pictures of her by now. Right now she is dancing while her game plays a video and music.

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