Zoe’s well baby check-up

Zoe went to the dr for the first time here. The clinic is very nice and the pediatrican we saw was from the US. She is doing well and her height and weight have stayed just below the 50th percentile. She was not pleased about the flu and japanese ensephalites shots she got. The latter is an illness you can get from mosquitos here. Steve and I should probably go in to see if we need any shots too but it is hard to get motivated when you may end up getting one or more shots.

On another note tonight Steve brought home the power converter for the mac so it is up and running and our dsl connection is now working so there will be more frequent blog updates. That is as long as Zoe continues to cooperate and take her naps in the afternoon that is when I like to try and use the computer. I guess I could post before bed like now but then I tend to stay up to late. It is 10:30 now and I should probably head to bed incase Zoe has a rough night because of her shots. Plus Steve may want to get in here too because I have been hogging the computer to check my forums.

And Happy Thanksgiving. We were going to go for turkey dinner at a place run by a Canadian but because Zoe’s dr appt was at 6pm we couldn’t swing it. Zoe also wanted me to say Happy Birthday to the following family members, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunty Shelley. Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and those with birthdays past had good ones and with birthdays coming this month hope you have a good one.

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