Zoe's big accomplishment

Today Zoe went pee in her potty for the first time. I was changing her and decided to put her on the potty before I put her diaper on and 10 seconds later I heard her peeing. She sat on the potty for another 2 minutes after. Then continued to get up and look in then want to sit on it again for 10. She has had her potty out for just under a week now and has been sitting on it with her pants on. She seems to really like sitting on it most the time. Maybe we will be able to be diaper free by the time she is 2. Of course this is probably just me sitting her at the right time she had a lot to drink today but it is a start in the right direction.

Tomorrow Steve and I start our Mandarin lessons. It should be interesting to see how fast we can pick up a new language. Steve thinks I will learn it faster than he will. We will see if he is right. I think I am more intrersted in learning it than he is that may be why. Well that is all for today.

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