Quick and efficent need not apply

Ok the people who work in this country are most definately hard working and do some jobs that I would not last 1 minute at. Having said that I have experienced a lot of frustration from the time it takes to do a simple thing. Here are a couple examples:

Banking: You go into the bank and take a number and wait for your number to be called. This is kinda nice because you can sit and wait and wait and wait. The thing is often the others don’t sit and wait while you are doing your banking they stand right behind your chair or beside it watching. The security guy will sometimes get them to step back. Then when you get to the window (picutre a wall of plexiglass with tellers sitting behind it in a row. You can see every teller and every thing they are doing from almost anywhere in the bank plus you can see the big breifcase each has full of money beside them. If you are taking out or depositing money the teller will count it by hand 3 times then run it through a machine at least this many times to recount it. There are odd rules like you cannot take out more than the equivelent of $1000 USD on weekends or during holidays. This included the holdiay that was a week long. Steve has to go in and have them change the money in his account from USD to RMB so we have money to spend because this cannot be done electronically. They also will not let you change more than the allowable amount for the holiday or weekend in your account even if you are not getting money out. It is super slow and took 45 mins (maybe a little longer)last time we went in with no wait for Steve to have them switch the USD to RMB in his account and set up a monthly wire transfer to pay our rent. It would of been worse had another bank customer not been able to tell the teller what Steve meant by a wire transfer.

Shopping in Dept stores: So the normal shopping experience say at future shop/best buy is you go in and pick out the electronics/tv/appliances or whatever you want you go pay and you take them to the cahsier or pick them up at a window right after. Here you have to get a slip for the item you are buying (multiple if they are from different departments) then go to a a cashier and wait to pay for them. Then take the receipt back to the department(s) you bought the item from and wait while they then go and find the item in the stock room and bring it to you. As you can imagine if you are buying multiple items this can be a long process. This is the same in the department stores for clothing and toys too. They could at least go retreive the item after they give you the receipt in the electronic stores. With clothing and toys you leave the item with the person who gave you the receipt then pick it up once you pay.

Resturants: They sit you down and give you the menus then leave or hover right over you. The hovering is annoying but prefferable. If they leave you will not see them again until you wave them over. Even though there are usally 3 or 4 people standing there doing nothing. If you order drinks first they may or may not come by the time your food comes. And one person may get their drink while the other waits another 5 or 10 minutes. They also will never come and see if you need anything eles or how everything is. Anytime you want a waiter/ess you will have to wave or call them over. Then once they clear everything off your table they will again leave and not come back. So you could sit and wait for your bill until closing time with nothing on your table. We have learnt to ask for the bill as soon as we are done so we can hopefully get it within 15 or 20 minutes.

These are just a few examples of things that really can test your patience level. Especailly when your toddler is getting cranky.

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