The dawn of a new era in TV.

While the TV here pretty much sucks. And we are pretty addicted to TV, so that was starting to be a pretty big problem, especially with all of the new TV shows starting in the Fall.

I tried the bit torrent route (i.e. downloading copied TV shows from the Internet) with no luck, not sure if it is me or the chinese firewall. Will experiment more in the near future.

In the meantime we have discovered the joys of iTunes. They have a lot of good shows and you can buy a seasons pass, just like Tivo, where you get the new episode downloaded to your computer the day after it airs. It’s pretty easy to use and with some simple network I can stream the shows to any computer in the house, include my laptop which is set-up in the master bedroom so we can watch the shows on our new LCD TV.

I bought 2 new LCD TV’s, 32″ Sanyos from this huge electronics store called Gome. Read Chris’ earlier post to hear about the joys of big store shopping.

Anyways, we have signed up for The Office, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Survivor and Battlestar Galactica seasons passes. Plus have download a couple episodes of new shows to see if we like them.

So far, it’s pretty handy, but a little pricey. About the same as buying the box set of DVD’s, only you get it in real-time. While the box set price in the US, here the box set costs about 20 yuan, or $2.50 USD.

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