Just a little blah blah blah

Well as you can see I have a new camera. It is not as fancy as the other one but does fit in my purse. So I can snap photos when we are out and something catches my eye. You can see some of our new furniture in the pictures as well. Our living room, dining room, and playroom stuff are all new. We have some new stuff in out other rooms too and maybe I will take a pic of them one day. I will also try to take some pics of outside the house and the clubhouse so you can see what it is like outside.

As for Zoe she has not been sleeping well this week and we have had to either get up 20 mins after we put her down or just let her sleep with us. So she has been with us. She will nap in her room. We are hoping this phase ends soon. Steve is leaving Thursday for a week in Florida to be on a panel. I am sure he will blog about it in his blog later. Well I am going to go and relax a bit before Zoe wakes up from her nap.

Also A big Happy Birthday to Kaiya who turned 2 Yesterday (well here it was yesterday anyway) Hope you had lots of cake and liked your presents.

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