Yeah Zoe

Well today Zoe went poop in the potty. I am not really trying very hard to potty train her but she does occasionally want to sit on it so I have let her and today she pooped in it. She has peed in it several times now. I didn’t want to have her toilet trained before xmas because the plane is no place to take a little on to go potty. She may have other ideas though. We will see if she keeps her intrest up or not. If she does I may have to break down and actually work with her. Having no diapers would be nice but it also would be a little scarry here with not great bathroom conditions everywhere.

We are going to The Eton School tomorow to check it out. They have a montessori nursery school that we may send Zoe to in the New Year. I think she would really enjoy it and get a lot out of it. She really likes playing with other kids in the playroom at the clubhouse but there are not always other kids there and sometimes the kids there don’t set a good example of how to behave. Currently some of Zoes favourtie things are to pour tea with her tea set, sweep the floor, play with the kitchen (at clubhouse playroom), dance and colour.

I am hoping she does well this week with Steve away because she really gets excitied and looks forward to him coming home at night. One of her favourite words right now is Daddy. I hear it often during the day and then she looks for him. I am sure he will get a great big hug when he gets back from his really long flight home from Florida.

Hope everyone is well. I will post a xmas wish list for Zoe soon. Just please remember we have to be able to fit it in a suitcase so light and small is the way to go. We are keeping an eye out for things to bring home for everyone and hope to make it to one of the markets next month without Zoe and get all the stuff. Zoe could stay with Mary our ayi she really seems to like her. I will write about the joys and pains of having an ayi at a later date. I don’t expect anyone will be breaking out the violins for me. lol

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