Zoe looked at the school

Well Zoe and I went last week and looked at the classroom at Eton school. It is a Montessori school that kids can start at 18months. They have a free mommy and me class for kids newborn to 3 on Mondays from 3-4pm so we checked it out today. Zoe had a lot of fun. She didn’t play with the other 3 kids there but enjoyed sweeping and playing in the water. The teacher is from Edmonton and the director of that location is from Vancouver.

I think she may start there in the new year until then we will continue to go on the Monday afternoons so she can get used to the teacher and her assistant and the classroom. She would go from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning from 3 to 5 days a week. I was thinking 5 would be good because then she would get lots of time with other kids and be done in time to have lunch and then a nap. I think the routine would help her settle and sleep better. She has been having some sleep issues that we are working on. It may be because she is growing and learning so much right now.

The ayi Mary taught her to say bamboo and point at the bamboo plants along the walkway to the clubhouse. She loves the classroom at the school but is overwhelmed by all the activities there are and wants to do them all right away. She was telling one of the other kids no when he tried to play at the little water basin with her. So hopefully it will help her with sharing too.

As for her potty she has gone at least 10 times in the potty since the last post. All but once it was pee. She likes the singing and dancing and sticker that come after. She likes to sit on her potty whenever I go and if she doesn’t go she looks in and still gets excited. She gets told it was a good try but no sticker or song and dance.

She is mastering the dirty look to and will look at you sideways with a look that says I don’t think so. It is funny and trying. She is saying no to help a lot too and wants to do everything herself including the stairs which obviously we can not let her do. So if it is something she can attempt without threat of serious bodily injury I have been letting her try. Of course there are the times I know she can do something but she doesn’t want to and I try to encourage her to at least try before I help her do it. She still likes washing her hands and now enjoys brushing her teeth although she doesn’t do a great job of it I am glad she tries. She also likes to brush her hair and anyone or anything else she can. Of course she only brushes the front and usually brushes it into her face. She also always puts her hands in her hair while eating so there is almost always a little bit of what she was eating in her hair.

My camera ran out of batteries but I will be sure to get new ones before the Halloween party here so you can all see her costume. It is kind of a pumpkin princess thing. The eyore one I bought before we came is too small for her so we had to buy her one here. I am sure due to the limited selection there will be many little girls in the same costume. I think she will enjoy the trick or treating much more this year. At least the candy portion. I am trying to get her to say trick or treat. Not everyone in the complex will hand out candy and there is a time limit of 2 hours that you are allowed to be out. I don’t think she would last for 2 hours trick or treating or that I would so we will probably just do our part of the complex and skip the big houses then go back to the clubhouse for some food and games. I am going to try to get her to nap late that day so she can stay up a little later. Although I am sure I will have just gotten her into a routine so if I mess it up I could be in trouble.

She slept with me last night but is currently in her own room. I have been trying different CD’s. Tonight I used a pm meditation one that I have. It nearly put me to sleep so it seems to have worked for her.

Well I am going to go and try to get some good sleep tonight too. Hope you are all well and look forward to seeing everyone in December.

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