Happy Halloween

Well tonight we are going to the Halloween party at the clubhouse. There will be food and fun then trick or treating around the complex from 6-8 and free horse carriage rides from 6-8 too. We will take pics of Zoe and post them later. Right now she is napping it is noon. I was hopping she would nap later so she could stay up a little longer tonight but she was really tired. She has been getting up earlier the past week or so and not going to sleep unitl 9 or 10 so instead of the 12 hours or more of sleep she usally gets it has been 9 or 10. She has also not been a good napper. Today she has been down for about an hour and a half so maybe she is catching up. The weather here is still fairly warm. You need a sweater now or light coat but it isn’t super cold yet. It is a good day today I can see blue in the sky instead of the grey overcast colour of the pollution.

Zoe and I went to the Mommy and Me class again yesterday and I think they need to change it to Mommy and Me plus and Ayi. There were 3 other kids in class and they all had their mom and ayi with them. The Ayi watched them while the moms talked or just stood and watched. This really annoys me because it makes the room more crowded. There is a teacher and her assistant who go from place to place interacting with the kids and parents and do story and song time. But when the kid to adult ratio is 2 to 1 with half the adults just standing around it gets crowded. Zoe likes to play with the little sink there she loves water.

Every night before bed she sits on the side of the sink and brushes her teeth and washes her face then plays with the water coming out of the faucet for 5 or 10 minutes. She still hates the water going over her head in the tub but does not like it when you lean her back either.

Well that is it for now look for the pics from halloween soon and maybe a few other things from around here too.

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