Another Blustery Day in Beijing

Well the last 3 days have been very windy here. It has gotten much cooler too. The wind does make the sky bright and blue and clears up some of the smog but instead you get dust everywhere. My eyes have been quite sore from it and you feel kind of dusty when you get in especially in your hair. We went on a pedicab tour of an area called Houhai it was neat but windy. Yesterday we took Zoe to the playground at the school across the street she was ok until the wind really picked up then she was really unhappy. Steve was carrying her and I was pushing the stoller although the wind was making that hard. I don’t know how long the windy season lasts but as much as I love a windy day I could do without the sand and grit blowing in my face.

I also got a new bike, it is a Giant (name brand not size) electric bike. I can peddle it and when I get tired I can use the battery to power it and just steer. We also got a baby seat for Zoe so we can tool around the area. It will be great to go to the bagel place that is close but a little too far to walk. So far we only have one bike if we use it a lot we will likely get another one for Steve. Mine is a light blue colour that he thinks is kinda girly. I haven’t taken it for a spin yet because it has been too windy and I haven’t had a chance.

Zoe is talking a lot more and seems to add new words all the time. Right now she likes to say empty when she finds a glass or bottle that is empty. She also says apple anytime she wants a drink. Because it is usally apple juice she gets so all drinks are apple.

We are trying to get our internet connection fixed as there is a problem with the connection in the den where the computer is. I am currently using Steve’s laptop and the wireless connection. We can’t use this connection with the mac and that is where all the pics are that we have taken. It also means I cannot update the blog a lot or email much until it is fixed because I have very limited computer time.

We hope everyone is well and will see you all in a few weeks time.

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