Happy Birthday to Me and Nick

Well I hope Nick wakes up feeling better than I did on our birthday. I woke up with a wicked headache this morning. I think it is my sinuses because of a cold or allergies. Hard to tell which. The air here is pretty polluted it has been ok in the day but the evenings have been pretty bad. Today I think I may sneak to the spa while Zoe and Mary play in the playroom for a manicure and pedicure. Steve already gave me my digital camera last month so there won’t be anymore presents for me today. Maybe Zoe will go the whole day without a tantrum or saying NO for my present. Probably not but I can hope. We are getting ready for our trip back next week. We will be going for our final shopping expidition this weekend and hope to find stuff for everyone to bring home. The last trip we didn’t get very many things so this will be a major trip. We are thinking of leaving Zoe home with Mary for the afternoon because it is a long boring time for her with people grabing at her the whole time so it would be faster and easier on us and her if she waited at home. We haven’t left her with Mary and gone out yet so this will be the first time. Mary (our Ayi/housekeeper) is trying to immigrate to Canada. She is working on getting a Visa to go work there as a live in helper. We saw her papers from the Canadian Govt and the job is in Hull Ont. 40 hrs a week live in at $9 an hour. That is way more than she makes now. I have a feeling that she will be working way more than 40 hours a week as she starts here at 8am and often goes until after 8pm. She only goes out for about 20 mins when she has lunch. We have not told her to work these long hours and I have actually told her several times to just go and relax or to take her time at lunch but she just won’t do that. It is her birthday on Friday so I am going to try and find a little something for her. Oh and our driver and his wife are expecting a baby on the 27th they don’t know if it is a boy or girl. Well that is it from here for now. See you all soon.

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