It's Just like Riding a Bike

OK whoever said it is just like riding a bike you don’t forget how never rode an electic bike. I test drove my bike for the first time. I did not engage the power but with each push of the peddal you get a little burst of juice. So you feel like you are getting a push. It is a little unerving and akward so I will need to practice around the complex before venturing out onto the road and before going out with Zoe in the back. Corners are also hard because if you need a bit of a push and you pedal you get way more than you bargined for. I am sure the people watching me got a good laugh at the akward uncooridnated girl trying to ride her bike. I am hoping not to wipe out my bike and injure it or myself in my attempts to master it.

Oh and also going on is our Ayi Mary who is really good. There are a few things that bug me but they are very minor and I can live with them. She is trying to get a visa to go to Canada for 2 years to work in Ontario. She is using some company that helps people get jobs there doing the same thing they do here. Although I suspect they say it is more childcare than house work because we wrote a letter syaing she worked for us and put at the bottom of the list that she took Zoe to the playroom and out for walks and they wanted us to emphasize that fact. I like her so I want her to go because she really wants to but I don’t want to have to get a new Ayi and start again so I want her to stay here. She just had her 34th birthday on the 17th although she goes by the Chinese lunar calendar so it isn’t her birthday yet. Maybe it will be delayed just long enough for us to keep her. Our drive told us this week that his wife is expecting a baby on the 27th of November and he is very excited they don’t know the sex.

Zoe continues to pick up new words and manerisms daily. Some good and some not so good. She really loves playing with stickers so that would be an idea for Xmas for her as they would be esay to bring home. She goes through them fast because she will take the whole sheet I give her and stick them one one peice of paper or all over herself or me. She is still for the most part a really easygoing and happy baby girl. (I guess I should say toddler). It is fun seeing her personality start to come through. Although I think she will be a little stubborn and that is not too fun to watch or be on the receiving end of. I am sure you will all be amazed at how she has grown and changed since we left in August. She has even made a friend in the playroom who is also from Canada and 6. I have not met her yet so I don’t know her name because I can’t figure out what it is from my ayi even when she spells it. I have taken Zoe to the playroom on several days to try and meet her but haven’t found her yet. They met regularly with their ayis for a couple weeks. But she has not been there at the same time as Zoe for awhile now.

I know everyone wants pics but our Mac is having some issues connecting to the net so we are not able to post them now. You will all be able to see her soon.

And on a final note I did get more for my birthday Steve sent me 37 roses that are very pretty. See everyone in December

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